Group Counseling

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Groups in our Parker, Colorado office and online video group options available

Middle School Empowerment Group

A group for Middle School Students! 

Topics covered include:


Distress Tolerance

Self Compassion

Social Skills

Starting March 22nd 2023 and meeting on Wednesdays at 615pm at our Mainstreet office. This is an open group and participants can join us each week!

Women's Empowerment Group 

Build community, engage in support, and return to yourself! This group will focus on empowering and supporting women throughout the chaos of  everything that life is throwing at us. Return to feeling grounded, calm, and content. We would be honored to collaborate with you in taking the next steps towards embracing your authentic self. We will be launching this group in the future and are currently building the group. We are excited to meet you and would love to have you join us! 

You can access our services in person or virtually by utilizing online therapy in Colorado. Reach out today to get started