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Has your teen shut you out? Have anxiety and self-doubt replaced their confidence and contentment?

Do you miss the connection that you used to have and you’re scared you’re losing them completely?  

At RAFT Counseling, located in Parker, CO we aim to partner with you in offering support to your teenager. We hope to build self-esteem, target anxiety, and teach tools for stress management. Further, we can help key in on ways to communicate and connect that work not only for your teen, but also for your family. 

Connecting with your teenager can be a tough transition, even under the best of circumstances. Healthy kids learning how to adult comes with increasing responsibility and new social expectations. In turn, this can lead to self-doubt and anxiety, impacting their confidence and self-esteem. 

Furthermore, social media and today’s comparison-obsessed world around Instagram and Tiktok can stress out even the most secure, confident, and successful teenager. Social platforms where we seek connection often contribute to feeling alone and isolated. 

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Teen Counseling in Parker, CO

RAFT therapists  want to connect with your teen to provide a space for processing. Additionally, we will build on strategies and tools to manage stress and life. We can help your teenager learn ways to connect in healthy ways with friends and family. 

When real life events add to your child’s plate, like divorce, loss, and change, working with a teen therapist can offer additional support. This support can help your child build solid self-esteem, gain tools to succeed, and learn ways to have hard conversations around these topics.

Recent world events, remote learning, and decreased time with friends have impacted all of us in huge ways. We see this rise in stress in the way our children withdraw, isolate, act out, get angry, and feel anxious. At RAFT, you can expect a safe space for your teen to share, process, and learn with one of our skilled teen therapists. In teen counseling, we offer healthy support, accountability, connection, and tools to deal with tough situations and big feelings. 

Teen Therapists You Can Trust 

Therapy is most effective when there is a trusting relationship between the therapist and client. Because privacy is essential to establishing trust, it is often important for child and adolescent clients to have a level of privacy around therapy. 

Our Policy for Child and Teen Counseling 

It is the policy of RAFT Counseling to provide parents with general information about their child’s treatment, but not to share specific information disclosed during counseling sessions. However, if we ever feel that your child is in danger, their therapist will communicate this information to you. If you have questions about the types of information your child’s therapist would be able to share, please ask hypothetical questions about situations that would or would not be disclosed to you. 

You can trust that we will build a safe space for your teen to share openly, but also talk with you if we need to bring something to your attention. At our Parker, CO counseling center, we strive to create a space for processing, connection, and healing. 

We want to partner with you to support your teen in building the life that they are capable of. Above all, we want them to succeed, just as you know they can, and connect in meaningful and healthy ways. 

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A Note for Your Teen

When you work with one of our teen therapists, you can expect a space that is real and transparent. A place where the mask you wear in the world can come off and you can be the real you. As humans, we can get used to living life with a filter – a filter that changes between our parents, friends, coaches, and teachers. We want to offer you a space where the filter comes off. Most importantly, we want to build a genuine connection with you. It would be an honor for us to hear your story. 

Our teen therapists can offer different tools, strategies, and ways to talk to others that help you connect with your people in ways that work for you. Our teen clients report that when they come to therapy at RAFT, they feel better. We want this to be a space where you can be authentically and boldly you. 

Our job is not to report to your parents. We believe it is in your best interest to have a space where the filter can come off and you do not have to worry about details being reported to parents, guardians, or other family members. 

In most circumstances, we only provide general statements about how things are going in therapy to your parent or guardian. However, our job is also to help you find ways to make safe choices. If we have a concern about an imminent risk or danger, we may need to discuss bringing something to your parent, guardian, or family member’s attention.

Examples of this would be: 

  • Plan and intent to harm yourself 
  • Intention to bring a gun to school 
  • Drinking and driving 

Our preference is that you tell them yourself. We hope we can support you in finding the words and offering the space to practice having hard conversations. You can expect to have an open conversation between you and your therapist if you have shared something that we need to make your Mom, Dad, or other guardian, aware of. We do not want to surprise you with anything! 

We do not provide professional custody recommendations. If your family is going through a transition, we want to provide a space away from the chaos where you can safely process feelings about what is happening. Furthermore, we are unable to make any recommendations about who you live with or what your parents’ parenting schedule should look like. Instead, we recommend connecting with a professional who has the expertise, and different approach and relationship, to make this kind of recommendation. 

We still have to comply with legal requirements. ALL therapists can be required by the court to testify or to provide information to an evaluator. However, we don’t want to go to court. We prefer to keep a safe space for processing, connection, and healing. Our highest priority is providing you support. 

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The therapists at our Parker, CO-based therapy practice want to support you teen in living boldly, authentically, and with confidence. In addition, teen counseling services can be accessed from anywhere in the state with online therapy. If you’re ready to meet with a teen therapist, click the box below to connect with us and get started.

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