Clinical Supervision in Colorado

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Clinical Supervision in Colorado 

Providing counseling can be hard work. It can also be fun, rewarding, and fulfilling. We believe that clinical supervision is an important piece of becoming a successful therapist. Most importantly, consistent supervision is critical to meeting your licensure requirements. So, we aim to offer support, tools, and a safe space for therapists at our counseling practice located in Parker, CO. 

During supervision at RAFT Counseling, you will strengthen your work with clients. Above all, we aim to add value to your work. We want to partner with therapists that care about their work with clients. You support your client in building on their strengths, adding tools, and processing what keeps them stuck. Likewise, we want to offer the same for you. We approach supervision with a strengths-based approach. We want to build on your values, priorities, and goals as a clinician, building your confidence as a clinician. 

Working Toward your License in Colorado? 

RAFT Counseling is excited to partner with  clinicians working toward the following licenses in Colorado: 

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) 
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) 
  • and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) 

Clinical Supervisors at RAFT 

Michelle Ford, LCSW 

I enjoy helping therapists strengthen their work with individuals and families. I prioritize focusing on strengths-based and solution-focused approaches. My work in social work began when I earned my LCSW in 2012. Since graduating from the University of Denver with a Master’s in Social Work (MSW), my experiences have centered around trauma and crisis.  

More about my professional experience: 

  • Caseworker with Department of Human Services (DHS) 
  • Focus on juvenile sex offenders and victims of sexual violence 
  • Assessment specialist within an inpatient behavioral health hospital 
  • Level of Care Assessments with clients endorsing suicide and psychosis 
  • Community mental health experience 
  • Assessments for hospitals, DHS, and CYMHTA (Child Youth, Mental Health Treatment Act) 

Specifically, I am passionate about working with those who are struggling with severe mental illness and ongoing suicidality. Also, I enjoy offering a space for supervisees to grow as clinicians. Thus, providing the best possible therapeutic services to individuals and families. 

RAFT Counseling currently working with supervisees online. I look forward to being a part of your professional journey! 

FAQs About Supervision and Consultation

At our Parker, CO based therapy practice, clinical supervisors act as a consultant, rather than a direct supervisor. Further, the purpose of introducing a third party to the client/therapist relationship is to reduce the risk to the client. This consideration for the client improves their therapy experience by ensuring they receive the highest quality services. 

First, our meetings will focus on reviewing your work with clients. Secondly, we will key in on your personal and professional development. For example, meetings will focus on skills where you want to grow. In addition, we will make connections to approaches and theory. Likewise, personal development will include processing biases and looking at the impact of providing therapy on your own wellbeing. 

Focus of supervision at RAFT: 

  • Protection of the client 
  • Best practice services to the client 
  • Increasing the value of clinicians’ work for clients 
  • Processing therapists’ feelings around their work 
  • In addition, looking at their behaviors and thoughts and any impact on their work 
Confidentiality still remains 100% intact with clinical supervision. Identifying information irrelevant to client care is not shared in order to protect client confidentiality. In addition, information shared in supervision is protected under a confidentiality contract. Therefore, information may not be shared outside of the supervisor/supervisee relationship. 

We recommend you consult DORA for licensing requirements for your license. Therefore, this information about hour requirements is to be used for general guidelines only: 

LPCCs: 2,000 post-master’s degree hours over a minimum of 24 months. In addition, 100 supervision hours to apply for an LPC license. 

LSWs:  3,360 post-master’s degree hours over a minimum of 24 months. In addition, 96 supervision hours to apply for an LCSW license. 

MFTCs:  2,000 post-master’s degree hours over a minimum of 24 months. In addition, 100 supervision hours for an LMFT license. 

Get Started with Clinical Supervision in Colorado today! 

RAFT Counseling's physical office is in Parker, CO. However, we are providing supervision services online via video meetings for as long as that is allowed by our state licensing boards. This allows for additional convenience when meeting clinical supervision hours in Colorado. You can meet with your supervisor from anywhere in Colorado, and at flexible times! We are passionate about providing high-quality supervision hours to new clinicians. So, RAFT is excited to meet your supervision needs! To get started, please reach out.