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The blog is a reflection of the value, commitment, and dedication the RAFT Team brings to the mental and behavioral health space. The blog is Not to replace human to human professional help, and should not be used to diagnose. References to people, with the exception of us, are entirely fictional.

What is Group Therapy and How Does It Work?
Mar 21, 2023
If you're struggling, you may be wondering if group therapy is right for you. Group therapy is a form of therapy where a small group of people come together to talk things through with each other, share strategies, connect, and heal together!...
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The Social Media Game - How Taking a Break Can Help Your Mental Health
Jan 11, 2023
When we're constantly bombarded with images and messages from social media, it can be overwhelming and even stressful.....how taking a break is important for your mental health and benefits!...
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How to Cope If Recent School Shootings Have You Worried About Your Child’s Safety
Jul 25, 2022
As a parent, you try as hard as you can to keep your kids happy, healthy, and safe. But recently, it feels like every time you turn on the news, there’s another school shooting. How to cope when thinking about back to school....
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