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RAFT loves to collaborate with community partners and we are happy to accept direct counseling referrals.

RAFT Counseling offers an online counseling referral system below to simplify the process of getting your clients connected. Above all, we believe in accessible mental health support. Connect your clients with mental and behavioral healthcare treatment today. 

We would love to get to know you directly and welcome the opportunities to build those collaborative relationships.

The RAFT Team reviews counseling referrals ASAP Monday - Thursday. Our goal is to review and connect with the client and the provider within two business days, from the day we receive your referral.

RAFT Team’s availability for therapy: 

RAFT accepts many major insurances including Cigna, UHC, and Friday Health Plans. In addition, some of our therapists can accept Colorado Medicaid. To confirm a specific therapist’s availability and acceptance of a specific insurance, please use our contact form. To sum up, we strive to set your clients up for success! We are happy to connect clients with support and strategies through counseling referrals and collaboration. 

Phone: 720-340-7000 
Fax: 720-764-7494 


Connect with RAFT Team

We provide a referral form for your convenience.

You can submit referral information directly bu pushing the button at the top labeled "Submit a Referral". Please email us if you would like a pdf version of our referral form to return via secure fax. We request all clients to complete an ROI for us to communicate with you. 

We appreciate your counseling referrals! Our team enjoys collaborating. Similarly, if you are interested in partnering with us in other ways, we would love to connect. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can work together to support our communities. RAFT Therapists value collaboration and joining together in creating the strongest support system possible to support clients in living an optimum life. We are always looking for trauma informed prescribers, medical providers, chiropractic offices, nutritionists, and more, to create the strongest network of care providers possible for our clients at RAFT Counseling.

It is also always helpful for us to connect with other counselors, school psychologists, social workers, teachers, and other support team members. In conclusion, we look forward to hearing from you and offering support to clients and their families together!