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Therapy Talk: Unlocking Answers in 'Ask a Therapist'. 

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Reclaiming Hope
Sep 25, 2023
Meet Brian and Spencer, two dedicated mental health specialists who, through their unique journeys and compassionate approaches, offer a beacon of hope to those facing mental health stigma. At RAFT Counseling, we're excited about hope and healing....
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Breaking the Chains of Mental Health Stigma
Sep 21, 2023
Mental health stigma is like an invisible force that tells us to hush up about our emotions, to wear a mask and pretend everything is just fine. But here's the truth: it's okay not to be okay, and at RAFT Counseling we like to talk about it too!...
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Navigating the Storm Within: Coping with Panic Attacks
Sep 14, 2023
Discover expert counseling and support for managing panic attacks. RAFT Counseling in Parker, Colorado, offers anxiety therapy, depression counseling, and trauma treatment to help you find solace and strength....
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Honoring September 11th: Connecting Through Counseling and Support
Sep 11, 2023
Discover how RAFT Counseling in Parker, CO offers counseling and support for anxiety, depression, and trauma, while reflecting on the significance of September 11th and its impact on our lives....
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Rediscovering Wellness through RAFT Counseling in Parker, CO
Sep 04, 2023
Discover the transformative power of nature with RAFT Counseling in Parker, CO. Explore anxiety treatment and depression counseling, and find solace in the healing embrace of the great outdoors....
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Unraveling Real-Life Coping Tips Inspired by the Supportive Squad on FRIENDS: Beating Anxiety and Depression
Aug 29, 2023
Discover practical coping strategies for anxiety and depression inspired by beloved TV characters. Explore identification, support systems, and the role of professional counseling. Embrace real-life resilience with insights from fiction....
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Finding Inner Strength with Barbie: Healing Anxiety and Depression
Aug 21, 2023
Explore the Barbie movie and uncover valuable coping strategies for managing anxiety and depression. Learn about relatable experiences and how they relate to our approach at RAFT Counseling in Parker, Colorado. ...
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It Will Be OK: Why This Phrase Doesn't Work and 4 Things You Can Say Instead
Mar 15, 2023
Maybe things really will work out for the best in the end. But maybe they won't. It's not your place to tell the other person how they should feel about their situation. Here are four things you can say instead of "it will be ok"....
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Eating and Depression...Are They Really Related?
Feb 21, 2023
Have you ever found yourself reaching for snacks or a sugary treat, even when you’re not hungry? This happens to all of us! But depression can intensify those habits and impact our best intentions for healthy eating.......
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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy—What Is It?
Oct 23, 2022
There isn’t just one type of treatment plan or therapy option that works for everyone. Each person has their own unique experiences. Let's dive in to CBT, what it is, and how it might support you in reaching your goals....
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