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Therapy Talk: Unlocking Answers in 'Ask a Therapist'. 

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Understanding the Interplay between Depression and Trauma
Apr 04, 2024
Depression and trauma are two deep-seated emotional experiences that can have a significant impact on a person's life. Here’s what you need to know about how these influence each other and the effects it all has on the brain and body....
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Exploring the Emotional Side of Eating: Understanding, Coping, and Finding Balance
Mar 29, 2024
Discover the intricacies of emotional eating, its impact on well-being, and strategies for positive coping. Explore insights and tips to navigate emotional eating effectively. Based in Parker, CO, RAFT Counseling offers online and in-office support....
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Embracing the Family Within: What is Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy?
Feb 27, 2024
Explore Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy. Uncover the transformative power of IFS, healing inner dynamics for a more harmonious life. Rediscover your confident and calm core self on this journey from chaos to clarity with RAFT Counseling. ...
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EMDR Therapy: The 8 Phases Explained
Dec 29, 2023
Secrets lose their power once we share them with others, but what if the secret is a disturbing memory? RAFT Counseling breaks down the power of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)...
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Coping with Shame and Self-Hatred within the BIPOC Community
Dec 11, 2023
Coping with Shame and Self-Hatred within the BIPOC Community. Self-hate keeps you down, but self-love can help you thrive. Ready to feel the difference?...
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Helpful Ways to Explain Depression and Anxiety to Your Partner
Nov 29, 2023
In sickness and in health" extends beyond physical ailments in marriage. RAFT Counseling explores navigating mental health challenges within relationships. It emphasizes the importance of open communication and fostering support!...
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Coping with Seasonal Depression
Nov 21, 2023
Exploring some strategies for managing seasonal depression in Colorado from your RAFT Counseling Team in Parker CO. We offer virtual sessions throughout Colorado and in office appointments in Parker to support you in feeling better!...
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Reclaiming Hope
Sep 25, 2023
Meet Brian and Spencer, two dedicated mental health specialists who, through their unique journeys and compassionate approaches, offer a beacon of hope to those facing mental health stigma. At RAFT Counseling, we're excited about hope and healing....
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Breaking the Chains of Mental Health Stigma
Sep 21, 2023
Mental health stigma is like an invisible force that tells us to hush up about our emotions, to wear a mask and pretend everything is just fine. But here's the truth: it's okay not to be okay, and at RAFT Counseling we like to talk about it too!...
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Navigating the Storm Within: Coping with Panic Attacks
Sep 14, 2023
Discover expert counseling and support for managing panic attacks. RAFT Counseling in Parker, Colorado, offers anxiety therapy, depression counseling, and trauma treatment to help you find solace and strength....
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