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The blog is a reflection of the value, commitment, and dedication the RAFT Team brings to the mental and behavioral health space. The blog is Not to replace human to human professional help, and should not be used to diagnose. References to people, with the exception of us, are entirely fictional.

Why Resentment May Be a Sign That You Are Not Holding Your Boundaries
Mar 08, 2023
It's important to set boundaries in our relationships so that we can maintain our sanity and our relationships! But how do you set boundaries without coming across as rude or unneighborly? Read on for some tips....
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Single on Valentine’s Day? Tips to Manage the Biggest Couples Holiday of the Year
Feb 07, 2023
Being single on Valentine’s Day can be tough. Whether you're recently out of a relationship, or have been single for a while, it's easy to feel left out when you see happy couples celebrating around you. ...
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The Social Media Game - How Taking a Break Can Help Your Mental Health
Jan 11, 2023
When we're constantly bombarded with images and messages from social media, it can be overwhelming and even stressful.....how taking a break is important for your mental health and benefits!...
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How to Cope If Recent School Shootings Have You Worried About Your Child’s Safety
Jul 25, 2022
As a parent, you try as hard as you can to keep your kids happy, healthy, and safe. But recently, it feels like every time you turn on the news, there’s another school shooting. How to cope when thinking about back to school....
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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy—What Is It?
Oct 23, 2022
There isn’t just one type of treatment plan or therapy option that works for everyone. Each person has their own unique experiences. Let's dive in to CBT, what it is, and how it might support you in reaching your goals....
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Why do Women Initiate Divorce?
Sep 27, 2022
You stood in front of one another with your friends, family, and loved ones watching. Both of you promised to have and to hold from that day moving forward. How did it end up like this?...
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5 Tips for Dealing with Stress and Overwhelm this Holiday Season
Dec 21, 2022
The holiday season is a time of joy, but for many people, it's also a time of stress and overwhelm. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the holidays, here are five tips to help you get through it....
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Tackling the Holidays with Crazy In-Laws
Dec 14, 2022
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Celebrating Thanksgiving When You Don't Celebrate the Holiday
Nov 23, 2022
For many families, Thanksgiving is a time to come together and share a meal. But what if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving? Here are some tips for how to handle Thanksgiving with family....
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Roe V Wade and the Impact on Mental Health
Oct 06, 2022
The freedom to choose to become a parent is no longer guaranteed everywhere in the US which will undoubtedly impact people's well-being. It feels tempting to shut down and avoid the conversation, but now more than ever we need to start talking....
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